Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a cost to use your service?
    No, there is absolutely no cost or hidden fees when using our discount shipping services. You simply pay for the actual shipping costs on the shipments you do.
  2. How do I use for your service?
    Simply call us at 212.545.7686 or fill out a form or send us a message using the form on our Contact Us page.
  3. I’ve never done freight before, can you help me process my shipments?
    Yes we can guide you through our shipment process.
  4. How do I schedule pickups?
    This is going to vary by what you are shipping. For small packages, you’ll be able to schedule pickups online or by calling the carrier. On the freight side of our business, our system is designed so that once you create a bill of loading for your shipment, our freight desk takes the work out of the pickup for you and will schedule it and follow-up to ensure that a driver showed up to get your freight.
  5. How do I pay?
    We accept cash, credit and debit cards.
  6. How should I package my shipments?
    You will need to securely package, crate, and/or load up your freight on pallets to prevent damage. All cartons need to be secured to the pallet with banding, shrink-wrap, or breakaway glue. Stack cartons squarely on the skid with no overhang and be sure that the top of the freight is flat. Labels must be placed on every piece or package within your shipment.
  7. What happens if my shipment isn’t ready when the driver comes?
    Drivers are typically unable to wait for your shipment to be ready, making this a problem that should really be avoided. In any instance where the carrier charges FreightNShipping a duplicate pick-up fee, you will be responsible for this cost.
  8. Are transit times guaranteed?
    When a guarantee is provided in the carrier’s list of options returned with your quote, transit times are guaranteed. Otherwise, transit times do not come with a guarantee. Please note that transit times do not include the day of pickup.
  9. What should I do with the bill of lading?
    All involved parties in the freight shipping process should have a copy of the bill of lading (BOL), including you the shipper (consignor), the recipient (consignee), and the carrier. It is crucial that the BOL be given to the truck driver when he or she makes the pickup. As this is a very important document, always keep at least one copy for your records.
  10. Do I have to pack?
    We can free provide labor to pack boxes for large moves. No matter what size move, we can prepare furniture and other large items with “blanket wrap” service (usually bubble wrap, actually) or you can prepare them yourself for even greater savings. Inside pickup and delivery is available depending on the type of service you need.
  11. How can I contact Magassa Shipping?
    Call a shipping/moving specialist Sunday through Friday from 9:30 a.m to 9:00 p.m. (ET). Click to send us an email, or fax us anytime at 212.545.7686. Submit an online price quote request.